Studio 0: Jeremy Mann
Studio 1: Lindsey Kustusch
Studio 2: Christine Macternan
Studio 3: Layil Umbralux
Studio 4: Karla Ortiz
Ryan Lee
Studio 5: Nick Chaboya
Studio 6: Zach Oldenkamp
Patrick Mathews
The Safehouse Atelier

The Safehouse presents the work of Patrick Mathews and Cody Miles, two amazing San Francisco artists whose work run the gamut from traditional fine art techniques to printmaking and graphics. Click on their names for more info, and please join us on Friday, March 23rd from 7-10 pm.

The rest of us below will be including many different styles of works on paper:

Show Four: Patrick Mathews and Cody Miles

Click on the thumbnails below for previews of available work:
Jeremy Mann
Carl Dobsky
Zach Oldenkamp
Lindsey Kustusch
Shawn Barber
Karla Ortiz
Ryan Lee
Kemp Remillard
Jessica Hess
Aron Meynell
Rodrigo Luff
James Edmonds
Nick Chaboya
Layil Umbralux
Christian MacNevin
Gage Opdenbouw
John Wentz
Valerio D'Ospina
Brandon Smith
Sam Brown
Ryan Malley
Sergio Lopez
Alicia Ponzio
Justin Hess
Sadie Valeri